Orchestra Filarmonica Giovanile ALPE ADRIA

Animazione delle foto dell'Orchestra Filarmonica Giovanile

The Association

The association "Alpe Adria Centre for Musical Meetings" was founded in 2000 by M° Luigi Pistore, some musicians and people fond of music. They aimed to promote youth music activities and to plan the activity of a youth orchestra, which usually performed just in few concerts.

In 2001, Alessandro Arbo became president of the Centre. After establishing some contacts with Italian and foreign Music schools, Academies and Conservatories, it was realised the first workshop for orchestral training, with the help of the Austrian violinist Helfried Fister. To the workshop took part musicians from all around Europe and young soloists, who won prestigious international competitions.

From this moment the activity of the young orchestra initiates, which will perform with the name of International Youth Orchestra Alpe Adria till 2005 and from 2006 will take the current name Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Alpe Adria.

Together with the realisation of the activity of the orchestra the "Alpe Adria Centre for Musical Meetings" wants to promote and evaluate the music, which is spoken by the youth and most of all the young music talents of Friuli Venezia Giulia, through radio, lesson concerts and cultural exchanges with the music institutes of the territory.

Along with this it promotes also solidarity activities with Italian and European associations, which dedicate themselves to the recovery of the street youth with the help of music education and support projects, which face the hardships of children.

  • Board of Directors

    • President:
      Leopoldo Armellini

    • Vice President and Artistic Director:
      Luigi Pistore

    • Treasurer:
      Giancarlo Mihich

    • Councilors:
      Gioacchino Grasso

    • Auditor:
      Bruno Tofful

  • Executive Staff

    • Organizational Reception Office
      Erica Cotic

    • Office Stamps Public relationships:
      Marco Bisiach
      Grazia Sartor

    • Webmaster:
      Sugath Appu Hennadige

    • Record house:
      Velut Luna